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High-Speed Dye Sublimation Printer

Production performance on transfer paper.

Advanced print heads   Greyscale Gen5 print head technology, variable drop size from 7-21 picoliters
High speed performance  Printing speeds up to 3,336 sqft/hr in draft quality mode utilizing a six print head configuation
Wide format   Maximum printing width of 78 inches (2M) for production textile applications
High image quality   Images at a resolution up to 600 x 1200 dpi in standard CMYK

Stable media handling   Advanced tension roller feeding system keeps transfer paper from cockling. No pinch rollers
Heated ink setting system   Integrated infrared heater quickly sets ink before take-up
A multitude of applications   Suitable for production run polyester fabrics, soft signage, sportswear & apparel, flags & banners
Supported by ITI   Standard one-year limited warranty

Advanced roller system

The ITI2000-TXR is equipped with an advanced roller system that continually keeps transfer paper at a constant tension for high speed printing. Transfer paper media is prone to buckling and cockling that can result in poor imaging quality. The tension roller system on the ITI2000-TXR keeps the media taut and smooth for the best image quality. And unlike other dye sublimation printers, the ITI2000-TXR uses no pinch rollers for media advancement.