ITI2512-UVR Applications 2016-10-20T21:13:01+00:00

ITI2512-UVR UV-LED Large Format Flatbed Printer Applications

The ITI2512-UVR flatbed printer provides full-bleed capability that eliminates any extra trimming of 4′ x 8′ prints. Perfect for creating most any type of rigid signage, displays, large packaging and more. It’s ability to print white ink behind CMYK makes it ideal for printing on transparent material up to 4-inches thick.


Posters & Backlit Displays

The ITI2512-UVR performs on all types of rigid media, both coated and uncoated, including acrylic and glass. It’s ability to lay down white ink behind CMYK make it ideal for stunning, vibrant backlit applications.

Indoor & Outdoor Signage

Create full color graphics onto wood, metal, glass or most any type of pre-manufactured material for signage that will hold up beautifully indoors or outdoors. From 4′ x 8′ construction signage to high-end office building interior signage, the ITI2512-UVR is more than capable of handling it all.


Speciality Décor

With the ability to print on most any material up to 4-inches thick, the ITI2512-UVR flatbed is the printer for specialty printing such as table or bar tops, skylights, glass panels, whatever a designer might dream up. The printer’s Ricoh Gen5 greyscale print head technology assures the sharpest photo-realistic quality.

POP & Corrugated Packaging

The ITI2512-UVR is ideal for creating custom graphics for point-of-purchase displays, large specialty packaging, exhibit displays, and other short-run custom projects.