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Dual Production Textile Printer

Kyocera production performance for direct-to-textile AND transfer paper sublimation.

Advanced print heads Kyocera print head technology, variable drop size from 4 to 18 picoliters
High speed performance Printing speeds up to 2,195 sqft/hr in production quality mode utilizing a 4 print head configuration
Ink versatility Specially formulated OEM ink makes it possible for dual media application of direct-to-textile printing AND transfer paper printing
Dual media features Vacuum bed holds transfer paper flat and secure. A built-in ink gutter captures ink flow-through when direct-to-textile printing
Stable media handling Tension feeding and advanced pressure roller system keeps textiles from wrinkling or stretching, no pinch rollers or sticky belt.
All feed and take up rollers located in the back of the printer
Super-wide format Maximum printing width of 10-feet (3.2 meters) for large textile display applications
High image quality Images at a resolution up to 605 x 600 dpi (4 print head model) in standard CMYK
Integrated infrared heater Bottom located infrared heating system quickly sets ink on direct-to-fabric applications (optional)
A multitude of applications Ideal for trade show graphics, backlit fabrics, flags & banners, home furnishings, and apparel
Supported by ITI Standard one-year limited warranty

Advanced rear media roller feed and take-up system of the ITI3200-TXK.

Kyocera print heads for production output like no other.

The ITI3200-TXK super-format textile printer is built for large run production. With lightning production print speeds of up to 2,195 sqft/hr and the extraordinary performance of the latest Kyocera greyscale print heads, this printer will keep your textile print production on schedule. Now you can set up for direct-to-textile or transfer paper with the same printer – it’s like getting two printers in one. The back side located stabilizing media feeding system keeps fabric or transfer paper at the optimum tension to eliminate buckling, cockling or stretching. An added plus is the elimination of pinch rollers to advance the media. The integrated infrared heater sets the ink for immediate take-up.

It’s all about the ink!

The ITI3200-TXK utilizes a newly formulated OEM ink that allows the printer to print to both transfer paper AND direct-to-textile! No longer do you need two separate printers to perform these two different operations.