ITI3200-TXR Applications 2017-06-21T14:25:29+00:00

ITI3200-TXR / ITI3200-TXK Large Format Sublimation Printer Applications

The 3.2M (10-feet) print width of the ITI3200, whether the TXR or TXK, is capable of printing large format display graphics for most any textile application from soft signage to large trade show displays. It can go from direct-to-fabric for immediate, short-run displays to transfer paper sublimation for high-speed, production quantity textiles and flags.

Soft Signage & Banners

The ITI3200-TXR and ITI3200-TXK are ideal for most types of soft signage, hanging banners and fabric backlit applications. With the option of changing from direct-to-fabric to transfer paper dye-sublimation, you now have the ability to print on all types of fabrics. The grand-format, 126-inch media width is large enough to accommodate large signage requirements.

Specialty Fabrics

The ITI3200-TXR or ITI3200-TXK is ideal for creating custom fabrics for short-run specialty projects, or large production textile output for commercial usage.


Fabric Displays

Create vivid color graphics onto textiles used for trade show, point-of-purchase, or backdrop displays that are as versatile and varied as your imagination.


Use the ITI3200-TXR and ITI3200-TXK as production printers for direct printing polyester flags that are visible from both sides of the fabric. Ideal for all types of polyester flags including advertising flags, specialty flags, corporate flags, association flags and country flags.